My top 5 songs of July 2017

my top 5 songs of july 2017

Hey everyone! Great news, i’m starting a new series! It’s called “My Top 5” where every week I will share my top 5 of something! Every week it will be different, whether it’s movies, Instagram accounts, blogs, etsy shops, books, apps, etc. This week is music, so without further ado, here are my top 5 songs of July 2017!

“Ciao Adios” (Anne-Marie)

I discovered this song while listening to a ten minute mashup and I immediately fell in love with it! It tells a great story, and it’s about standing up for yourself and not letting a guy just walk all over you!


“Perfect” (Emma Heesters and Kurt Hugo Schneider)

This girl here, has the voice of an angel, and I just love her! She did such a beautiful job with this cover, and the title of the song “Perfect” couldn’t suit her voice more!

“Scars to your beautiful.” (Alessia Cara)

This song talks about all the struggles girls go through just to attain beauty. The media portrays a completely unrealistic about what beauty should look like (one that is impossible for anyone to ever be able to attain!) and defines your self worth based on numbers! Your weight, dress size, Instagram likes, etc. It shouldn’t be like that!! You are beautiful just the way you are, and I love how this song features this message.

“When a girl likes a boy” (Haschak sisters)

LOVE this song and these girls! They are so cute, and the song and video are very down to earth about what it is like to date while living with your siblings!

“Try” Mandy Harvey

And last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST!! “Try,” by Mandy Harvey. She auditioned on America’s Got Talent, and she got Simon’s golden buzzer!! She is deaf, and she wrote and sang the most amazing song. It is so perfect and beautiful, you just have to hear it!! I love her so much and can’t believe how brave and talented she is!!

My top songs of July 2017


There you have it! What songs have you been jamming out to this July? Let me know in the comments below!!


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  • I loved watching Mandy sing on AGT! So inspirational! A song I’ve been loving this month is “If” by R5!

    • Me too! She is so brave and incredible, I am so glad people like her exist in the world! And, i’ll have to check out that song, thanks for the tip!

  • Elena Iglesias

    YES, Ciao Adios is one of my favorite songs! I also saw “Try” the other day and it made me cry! It was so touching. I love your blog design – it’s beautiful! ^_*

    • Thanks Elena! I was so happy when everyone stood up and clapped for Mandy at the last chorus and her voice nearly cracked with happiness that all of america loved her, she is such an amazing inspiration! And, thank you! I am still tweaking on the design, and at some point, am going to upgrade to a paid blog theme! Thanks for reading!!

  • Emily

    I LOVE Alessia Cara! Scars To Your Beautiful is one of my favorite songs to listen to while I’m writing.
    My other favorites by her are Stone and My Song. You should take a listen, I think you’d enjoy them!