Tips for being on time, every time! (I bet you’ve never heard of the last one!)

My best tips for being on time!

In the day and age, it often seems like a race against the clock. Everyone is always trying to be on time for everything. Some of us are the ones that are ten minutes early, but if you’re anything like me, you’re typically five minutes late! I know that being late when others are on time is no fun, so here are some tips for being on time more often, including one super secret (as in I bet you’ve never heard it before!) tip to help you be on time for anything!

Get ready the night before

One of my first tips for being on time is this: If you find you are always rushing out the door with no time to spare, try prepping anything you can in advance. If you struggle to be on time for school, pack your backpack with everything you need the night before (Bonus points for picking out your outfit too!) so that in the morning you can grab it and go! Same thing goes for your briefcase for work, your gym bag for your workout and your purse when going out!


Overestimate the time you need to get ready

I do this all time, and it is a lifesaver. Always tack on an extra 5 or 10 (Maybe more!) minutes more then you think you’ll need (especially first thing in the morning when you have to budget time to get dressed, do your makeup, etc.) Some days you’ll use the extra time and sometimes you won’t. But just think how handy it will be in case you get a phone call you need to handle, the outfit you wanted to wear isn’t clean, you sneeze while applying your third coat of mascara and have to start all over, you trip and spill something, accidentally get cat hair or lose your favorite (And only) lipstick under your dresser? Those extra few minutes will come in real handy and you will be glad you have them!

Do anything that you can in advance

Another one of my tips for being on time (And this is kind of a continuation of my first point,) which was to pack a bag in advance. But if there is anything else you can do in advance, do that too! Double check your bag, make sure you have your car keys, Turn off any lights when you leave the room, double check that you have that document printed, send any last minute emails that need to be sent before that meeting, etc.

Aim to be 10 minutes early every single time

No matter what time you need to arrive, tell yourself that it is 10 minutes early! If you promised your friend you’d meet her for coffee at 4:30, put it in your phone that the date is at 4:15! And no cheating, and switching it back!

Reward yourself (until you get in the habit)

Set a timer for when you need to be out the door. If you can hear the timer go off, you lose. If you are out the door by the time it’s gone off and don’t hear it, you won, reward yourself! For example, if it’s 4:30 and you need to leave by 5, set the timer for 4:55. (Tip- place it near the door, don’t use your phone!) Your goal is to beat the time and get out so you don’t hear it ring! Give yourself a little reward until you get in the habit. Something small, like an extra shot of espresso in your coffee that day, a face mask that night, or permission to forget about your room which needs cleaning and read a chapter of a book! Keep practicing and rewarding until you get in the habit of never hearing the timer go off.

 tips for being on time

Calculate the time it takes to reach your destination

You can just google it if you are going to this location one time only. But for things you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, use your phone to keep track of how long it takes to get there. (And don’t record that one day that the sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, the birds were chirping and there wasn’t a spot of traffic for miles.) Then take that number of minutes and tack on an extra 5 to allot for the days that there are more traffic than usual. Keep this new time in mind when figuring out when you need to leave your house by.

tips for being on time

Look for shortcuts

Next time you have a spare half hour, drive around and follow a few back roads in your town and see where they take you! You never know where they may lead! You may be going all the way around to get to a particular road, when the one back road you always ignore, may take you there in a snap. So look for shortcuts (without breaking any laws of course!)

The big secret you’ve been waiting for!!!

This is one of my best tips for being on time! Create a playlist exactly the length of time you need to be out the door by! Try youtube or spotify! It is so much fun to race to music, and I always do this when cleaning my room. I recommend having several playlists premade, and ready to go! I would say do one that is 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, and 30 minutes! Keep the music fresh and upbeat (nothing slow or sad and nothing that makes you cry!) Doing anything to music is fun, and will help keep you feeling energized, so give it a go!

Alright, I think that’s a wrap! Have any of these tips helped you be more on time, and am I missing any? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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  • Lynn

    That last trick for being on time is genius! Thank you!

  • What a fun idea to make a playlist the length of time you need for doing something like getting out the door. I can see how I could use this with my kids. Very cool idea!