The ultimate summer 2017 playlist

the ultimate summer 2017 playlist

Summer is starting to come to a close, and I couldn’t be more sad, but I’ve discovered a lot of great music this summer, so I thought I would compile it into a summer playlist for you all to listen to! I love music, and I love sharing good music even more. So if you’re in need of some new music to listen to, check out my playlist below!

Here’s the full playlist, and all the songs and why I picked them are listed/linked below!

This is Alex Goot, and Against The Current (my favorite band ever, check them out!!) , aka, Youtube’s powerhouse duo. They have done lots of collabs, and they are all wonderful!

I discovered this song while listening to a ten minute mashup and I immediately fell in love with it! It tells a great story, and it’s about standing up for yourself and not letting a guy just walk all over you!

This girl here, has the voice of an angel, and I just love her! She did such a beautiful job with this cover, and the title of the song “Perfect” couldn’t suit her voice more!

Love this song, and love how every single comment under a youtube cover of this song says “Despacito bows up, and suddenly every youtuber under the sun speaks Spanish!) (Well, no, take it from me, they just practiced with the lyrics ten thousand times. Trust me, I spent hours and now know how to sing the whole thing in Spanish!)

Alessia Cara, has lots of great songs, and i’ve always loved anything Zedd produces!

It wouldn’t be a summer playlist without some Ed Sheeran!

I love the Chainsmokers, so I had to include this song, even though it was actually more popular in the spring.

I love this song’s message about wanting to be like “strong girls”

I picked this song, simply because I love how it sounds!

This is one of my favorite country songs!

Cool kids blew up when I was thirteen, and I LOVED it, same as bright. So when Echosmith released their new single, I think I broke the replay button!

I just included this song, because I liked it! I also love “We don’t talk anymore” by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez, so be sure to check that out too!

I LOVE this girl Emma! Her voice is simply gorgeous! She did an amazing cover of this song, and I like her’s way more than the original.

Another Chainsmokers, simply because I love them so much! My other favorites are “Kanye” “Selfie” “It won’t kill ya” and “Young.”

I know this song is from a few years ago, but I could listen to it all day! It’s such a fun “get up and dance” song!

I think this song is supposed to be the new “juju on the beat.” I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, what I do know is that it’s hot, it’s new, it’s catchy and it’s soaring off the charts.

Another one by Emma Heesters, that I like even more than the original!

No, this post wasn’t sponsored by the Chainsmokers. I just like them a lot! I don’t care if some say “Closer” was so last fall, I still love it!

Normally i’m not a big Miley person, but I do like this song. And I think she’s slowly becoming more grounded, and family friendly.

I have loved anything by Shawn Mendes, since “Stitches” and “Aftertaste” became some of my favorites.

I saw this wedding song being used in Savannah and Cole’s wedding. (If you don’t know them, they are vloggers, google them! They are so cute!) It’s about meeting that one person that makes you so much better and gives you new hope.

I’m sad this duo split, but still glad they left their videos up so we can enjoy songs like these. I love the chorus of this song. (The “I just wanna make you stay” part.

I know. This song is old. But it’s a classic, and it’s catchy, and I simply adore singing along to it.

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Need some new music to listen to this summer? Check out my ultimate summer playlist, for some great and popular suggestions!

What songs have you been jamming out to this summer? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • Great post! 🙂 I haven’t listened to a lot of the songs you mentioned so I’ll have to go check them out! My boyfriend actually introduced me to Rolex and I LOVE IT! It’s definitely not the type of music I tend to listen to but I think he’s trying to convert me…haha! It’s kind of working.

    I really like Despacito too. I took Spanish last year so it really frustrates me that I don’t understand the words and can’t sing along. I may just have to do what you did and practice the lyrics!

    And I totally agree with what you said about Miley. I wasn’t much of a fan of her before either, but it does seem like she’s finally figuring herself out. I wish she would keep with this new style because I am honestly OBSESSED with Malibu.

    • I love rolex, (and I don’t usually listen to that kind of stuff either!) check out all the musically’s of it! I love despacito, i’m so glad I can sing it, you should learn, it’s a cool “fun fact” you can say about yourself whenever you’re asked if you have any hidden talents at group gatherings. And I love malibu and hope she stays the same too! Thanks for reading!