The Beginning Of My Journey

Skye Juliet

Hello there! Welcome to EverythingBeyondMySkye! I’m really glad you’re here. I am so excited to be starting a blog, and I can’t wait to take you all on this journey with me. I read lots of blogs, and have been wanted to start my own for about half of a year now. I think that blogging is one of the coolest industries there is, and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it. The idea that strangers all over the world will be able to read what little old me has to say is so cool. But I think that the potential to make friendships, forge connections, collaborate on projects, make money, and build a brand, all from my bedroom, is the coolest thing of them all.

So, a little about me–my name is Skye, and I am the girl behind EverythingBeyondMySkye. I am sixteen, and live in the Midwest with my family. I currently go to school at MU High (it’s an online high school, and it’s awesome.) Some of the the things I love are Starbucks, YouTube, reading, writing, crocheting, Etsy, my friends, singing, and blogging!

I pondered for some time over what I wanted to write about in this little blog of mine. I considered doing a beauty blog, a fashion blog (despite not being good at fashion and wearing jeans or leggings and the t-shirts I tie-dyed last summer almost every day) a writing blog, a school blog, an organizational blog, a decor ideas blog,  a health blog, and few other types of blogs. In the end I couldn’t pick, so I decided to do a little bit of everything. EverythingBeyondMySkye is a lifestyle blog! Here on this blog I will write about Fashion, Beauty, Health, DIYs, Journaling, Organization, Tips and How To’s , Reviews, and School. I chose a lifestyle blog because it was too hard for me to limit myself to just one theme. And although I will frequently write about the topics listed above, I will also sometimes just write about whatever my heart desires.

You may be wondering why I started this blog. And what it is that makes my blog different from the hundreds of thousands of blogs that are already out there? I’ll be honestI didn’t start this blog for that cool of a reason. I didn’t start it to make money. I didn’t start it to become famous. I didn’t start it to get free stuff or to get attention. I didn’t start it because I was knowledgable about blogging, and knew what I was doing, and what to say. I started it because I needed a creative outlet. I started it because I wanted a really cool and big project to work on. I wanted to learn something, and I wanted to help other people in the process. I wanted to share what I knew with other people, while also learning about myself, and everything I am capable of.

There aren’t a lot of teen lifestyle bloggers out there, and I am so happy that I am now one of them. When people think of a successful blogger they typically picture an adult. But I want to help change that. I think that kids and teens have just as great of ideas as adults do. I think that kids and teens are just as creative as adults. I think that the world needs more teen bloggers.

People of all ages have dreams. Many don’t pursue them. I think you should pursue your dream. Blogging is one of mine. Never be afraid to pursue your dreams no matter where they take you. It’s okay if everything doesn’t turn out perfectly. (I promise it won’t, nothing ever does, but that’s okay!) Always remember that the people who start projects and don’t finish them are way cooler than the people who never start projects.

But enough about me! If you have gotten this far, thank you! Thank you for reading this, and thank you for giving me and my blog a chance. I really hope you like it. Please feel free to sign up for my email list, so that you can be notified of new blog posts! You can sign up here-

I hate spam too, and I promise not to spam you! I strongly encourage you to leave a comment on any of my blog posts. I also strongly encourage you to get in touch with me! Whether or not you have a question, comment, or just want to say hello, I am always open to making new friends. You can leave me a comment here (insert contact form permalink) or email me at

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, and learned something about me or this blog. And I hope you stick around to see where this little blog takes me!

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