1) Graduate high school

2) Go to college

3) Graduate from college

4) Graduate from graduate school

5) Have a career that I love


6) Go to Disney World

7)Drive the atlantic ocean road

8) Ice skate in central park

9) Go to London, Hawaii and Bora Bora

10) Go on a road trip with my friends

11) Go to New York city with my friends

12) Got to iceland and see the northern lights

13) Stay at an underwater hotel in fiji

14) Go to P. Sherman, Wallaby Way, Sydney

15) Get lost and travel with no direction

16) Spend time volunteering in Africa

17) Throw a dart on a map and travel to wherever it lands

18) Walk on the great wall of China

19) Dive in the great barrier reef

20) Go to London


21) Start a blog!

22) Grow my instagram

23) Write 150 posts in 2017

24) Get 5,000 views in a month

26) Get 10,,000 views in a month

27) Get 15,,000 views in a month

28) Get 20,000 views in  month

29) Get 50,000 views in a month

30) Get 100,000 views in a month


31) Visit the Titanic with a submarine

32) Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower


34) Swim under the stars
35) Stop being so afraid and start living

36) Dance in the rain


38) Jump off a waterfall

39) Live like theres no tommorow

40) Participate in a color run


41) Dance with my father at my wedding

42) Have a legit picnic

43) Take a photo every day for a year

44) Be in a professional photoshoot

45) Have a wardrobe I actually like

46) Walk through a drive thru

47) Become a mom (just not quite yet!)

48) Visit Paris in the winter time

49) Have a date in central park

50) Write a book



52) Adopt an animal from a shelter

53) Get a boyfriend

54) Say yes to everything for one day

55) Get Married

56) Kiss someone at midnight on new years

57) Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years

58) Be someone’s one and only

59) Start my own family

60) Actually feel beautiful


61) Learn how to drive

62) Learn French

63) Learn how to apply makeup

64) Find out how many balloons it takes to lift myself off the ground









71) Go on a cruise

72) Put 100 glow sticks in a pool and go swimming

73) Eat in an underwater restaurant

74) Dance in the rain with my best friend

75) Jump on a water trampoline

76) Jump in a pool fully clothed

77) Go on a water roller coaster

78) Zipline over the ocean

79) Go bungee jumping over the ocean


Just Because

81) Go on a shopping spree with my best friend

82) Make a crayon melt

83) Meet a famous youtuber

84) Have a breakfast date

85) Have a fall photoshoot

86) Get a henna tattoo in India

87) Decorate my room with christmas lights

88) Get a makeover

89) Hold a baby lion

90) Let my hair get really long