August Blogging Goals

august blogging goals

Everything Beyond My Skye is about 3 weeks old, and I have learned so much about blogging already! I have loved blogging, and I have worked really hard to create a solid foundation, that I will use to build a successful blog. I published 5 posts, gained 60 Instagram followers, and 9 Pinterest followers! These numbers may seem very small to some, but I am brand new, and they are awesome to me! I am grateful to each and every person who supports me and my blog. Here are my blogging goals for the month of August! Feel free to use my blogging goals as inspiration for your own blog!

Blogging Goals:

1) Publish 12 posts

Right now, this blog doesn’t have much content on it, and I want to fix that, stat! I have been blogging since the second week in July (of 2017) and have stuck to a posting schedule of 2x per week, which was fine for me in the beginning! But now that I have gotten more into the swing of blogging, and have a little bit more of a blogging routine, I definitely want to up that to posting three times per week! I’m hoping to be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! You can expect lots of useful content in the month of August! I’ll be doing lots of back to school posts, so let me know in the comments below, if there are any specific posts you’d like to see!

2) Grow my email list

Right now, the only person on my email list is me. So one of my blogging goals is to grow my list in the month of August! I am hoping at some point to switch to convert kit, but for now I am with mail chimp. My plan is to offer people a content upgrade, to kind of “sweeten the deal” and make them want to subscribe to my list. I’m not quite sure yet what the content upgrade will be, but it will probably be something all students can use, and you can bet it will be up and at the bottom of my blog posts by the end of this month! (P.S. If you want to sign up for my email list you can do so here!

3) Grow my Pinterest following

Right now I have very few Pinterest followers. I obtained those few, using a tool called board booster. I’d heard great things about them, and they are truly wonderful! (and by the way, this post is not sponsored!) I spend very little time on Pinterest, thanks to BoardBooster!! (Also, I know practically every blogger under the sun raves about tailwind. And while I think they tailwind is great too, I tried them out, and they just didn’t work out for me.) I love BoardBooster, and I think they are a really great service. You can sign up for BoardBooster here! I think that part of the reason I haven’t been gaining as many followers, is because I don’t set it up to pin all that much. My goal is to be pinning about 125-150 pins per day. At least for now; if later down the road I am gaining lots and lots of Pinterest followers, I will decrease that number so i’m not annoying my followers by spamming their feeds! (Psst! You can follow me on Pinterest here!

blogging goals

4) Grow my Instagram following to 250 followers

Right now my Instagram following is sitting pretty at about sixty-five followers. Which isn’t too bad for a brand new Instagram, but one of my blogging goals is definitely to up those numbers- by a lot! I used a service called Grum for 3 days, and in those three days I scheduled everything in advance from my desktop, (which was so much easier for me than using my phone was!) set it up to post 5-7 times per day, and gained (wait for it..) 50 followers in those 3 days! I was so impressed! I definitely think Grum is a great option if you have a blogging budget, but I don’t want to spend any money right now, so i’ll be looking into some free options for Instagram scheduling over this next week. My plan is to post 3 times per day, like more of my followers photos, and try to leave thoughtful comments on 5 images each day.

blogging goals

5) Start a backlog

I have wanted to have a backlog since day one of blogging. Truth be told, I probably should have made one before I even launched this blog. But I didn’t, because I had been procrastinating starting this blog for months, and wanted to just start already! For those of you that are new, a backlog is a collection of evergreen posts (posts that won’t matter what month of the year they are posted, they are always relevant. “10 tips for holiday shopping tips” isn’t evergreen because most people will only read that in December. ” How to be more organized in 5 easy steps” is evergreen because the post is useful year round.) that you have ready to go in case you are sick, or tired, have an emergency or have some other reason that you simply can’t blog that day/week.

Then, instead of stressing over not having a post that week and losing traffic, you can pull a post out of your backlog (post written, seo integrated, images edited and formatted, graphics pre-made, etc.) and click publish! It really helps give you peace of mind, that in case you can’t blog for a day, week, or month, you’ll still have great content going live on your site! My goal for the month of August is to have four posts in my backlog.

6) Update my about page

Right now, my about page is kind of boring. It lists facts about me, but nothing is really presented in a fun, creative, or engaging way. I totally need to revamp it so that people actually want to learn more about me. I also need to add a plugin so that I can link to some popular posts, so that people have an easy way to see the content I produce after learning about me.

7) Learn more about SEO

When it comes to blogging, they say that while content is kind, SEO is queen. And SEO is definitely something I need to work on! Right now organic search is my lowest source for blog traffic, which means that i’m clearly lacking when it comes to seo! I need to do a lot more research, learn how to organically integrate keywords, fill up all the green lights on Yoast Seo plugin (I highly recommend this plugin by the way, as do every blogger I’ve come across!) and get around to submitting a site map to google, so that google can get my site indexed quicker

8) Come up with a social media promo plan

Right now I am posting (inconsistently) on Pinterest and Instagram. I need to figure out a daily and weekly plan for posting my own content, and liking/commenting on other people’s. I also need to up my game when it comes to commenting on other blogs! Elna of TwinsMommy has a great post on her blog commenting traffic generating strategy that you can read here!

These are my blogging goals for the month of August! Hopefully I will have every single one checked off my list (Or at least most of them.) I know that setting goals and making a plan of attack really helps to actually get them done. I hope you found this post interesting or inspiring!  Do you have any blogging goals? Let me know in the comments below!Want to know what my blogging goals for August 2017 are? Then check out this post featuring my blogging goals and actionable steps to achieve them!

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  • Hey girl 🙂 Hopping over from the Graced College Girl Bloggers group. These are great goals 🙂 I use BoardBooster and LOVE it! I’ve never even tried Tailwind because I started with BoardBooster and it’s been so fantastic. I’ve used it for about a year now and it’s been soooo helpful!

    Also, I totally hear you when it comes to back logging posts. This has been a goal of mine for a while too, especially since school’s starting back up soon.

    Much love,

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! I loved your recent post about responding with grace when you don’t like him back! You have a great voice when it comes to writing, and I love how playful and fun the look of your site is! Got any tips for posting as consistently as you do?

  • Those are all lofty goals for a new month and I can only wish you great success with each one. Warm greetings!

    • haha, I know, i’ve always been kind of known for my crazy ambition. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Thanks for sharing Skye! Wow August snuck up on us! I still haven’t nailed down my goals or filled in my planner yet 😮 so when I was scrolling through Pinterest I was like ‘woah somebody’s already published their goals for August!’ haha… because it iiiiiis August. I hope you see some growth this month 🙂

    • You are so welcome!! And YES! I thought it was just July! Summer is about to be over and I’m going to be so sad. 🙁 Take whatever time you need making your goals, I hope you see growth too! I checked out your site, and it’s awesome!

  • Hi Skye,

    I always love reading people’s blogging goals to see if maybe I can improve mine. However, it sounds like we have pretty much the same goals.

    Don’t worry about your email list number. We all start from 0. It takes time to build our blog.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll reach your goals. You’ve got them down and know what you want to accomplish.

    Good luck and I’m rooting for you.

    Have a great day 🙂


  • I have pretty much the same goals 😂 I’ve just subscribed to your mailing list, perhaps you could subscribe to mine? I post similar things to you and I’d love it if you had a read!

  • Can we just talk about how seriously glad I am to discover another teenage lifestyle blogger?!? I’m loving your content so far. I literally just started my blog this past Monday and well…let’s just say I’m riding the struggle bus. Haha.

    I really enjoyed reading about all the goals you have for your blog. Now I’m starting to feel motivated to work on my own! Thanks Skye! 🙂

    • So glad to meet you Charlee, I love meeting other bloggers!! Thank you for the compliments! I completely feel you- there are SO few lifestyle bloggers under 18! (Most are college bloggers.) Congrats on starting your blog!! I’m so happy for you! You are going to love blogging, I know I do! I’m sorry to hear that you’re riding the struggle bus- feel free to email me if you need help/advice with anything, be it social media promo, coming up with content, taking photos, etc. (or even just to chat!) I’d be glad to help! Thanks again for reading my blog!

      P.S. I checked out your blog, it looks great, I look forward to reading more!

  • This is so cool to see where you’re at after only three weeks! My blog is almost the same age as yours, and I think your accomplishments are pretty great so far!

    Coffee & Poppies Blog

  • Good luck in August! It sounds like you’re on the right track. I’m trying to come up with a consistent social media plan myself!